Hi there 👋

My name is Dmitry. I'm a 34 year old software developer from Ukraine. Living in Kyiv at the moment.

Started to code when I was 15 and still can't stop myself from building new software 🙂


I did a lot of cool things in mobile. Like one of the most popular mobile IM clients available on the market. Took part in building clients for variety of mobile platforms. Wrote lots of backend code in Java long time ago...


I'm focused on the web. It's one of the most interesting and dynamic areas in modern software development, IMHO.

Building scalable systems, database architecture, CRDTs and rich web user interfaces are the things that I'm excited about these days.

I'm a part of a great team at Shopmonkey at the moment. We're building a smart & simple car shop management software.

Some achievements

Monitorius is a bootstrapped startup, uptime monitoring made simple. Not longer available.

IM+ Web is a web-based multiprotocol IM client.

IM+ Bar is a spinoff of IM+ Web, it's an IM+ as a browser extension for Firefox/Chrome/Safari/Opera.

Olanola is a user-generated content news site, known in Russia as Mirtesen.ru

Alfafile is currently in development\migration state from Backbone to React/Flux. It's a file sharing service with rich UI\UX.

AerialBold Typewriter is basically a very cool notepad with satellite based typefaces.

AnyFormat is a simple file conversion service. Huge set of possible file conversion formats is available.

Turisto is a smart search engine for plane/bus/train tickets.

Bus.one is the search engine and a ticket provider for bus tickets in Ukraine.


JavaScript, TypeScript
Some CoffeeScript, Python, Elm and Go in the past. ReScript, ClojureScript and Rust are on my list to try out.
Platforms & Tools
OS X, Linux
React, Next.js, Chakra UI, emotion, Backbone.js, Redux, Bulma, jQuery, SemanticUI, Bootstrap, Zurb Foundation, Kango Framework, webpack, gulp, browserify, Sass etc.
express, micro, revel, Django, Flask
Redis, Firestore, mongoDB, MySQL and some Postgres. Played a bit with Cassandra and RethinkDB in the past.
nginx, Google PubSub, RabbitMQ, Socket.IO/tornadio, Orbited and lots of other stuff.
`now` (by @vercel), DigitalOcean, Linode, Amazon EC2 for infrastructure.
I like to dig into new stuff every day 👨‍🎓